Officers and Directors

2017 RSEA Officers

William ("Bill") Hamilton,   President                       Office of Court Administration

Marie Moore, First Vice President                                   Texas Bond Review Board

Justine Martone, Second Vice President                    Comptroller of Public Accounts

Thomas ("Tom") Greibel, Treasurer                                Texas Department of Transportation

2017 RSEA Board of Directors

William ("Bill") Dally                                                Department of Housing and Community Affairs

Edward ("Ed") Dolzel                                                          Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Lillian ("Lillie") Gilligan                                           Texas Department of Health

William ("Willie") Pina                                                       Department of Human Services

Don Raschke                                                              State Securities Board

Diane Thomas                                                            Comptroller of Public Accounts

Dona Medlock                                                                        Comptroller of Public Accounts