RSEA Values

RSEA Adds the Retiree Voice at the Texas Legislature

RSEA is the one organization whose single focus is on the welfare of State of Texas retirees.  RSEA works closely with members of the Texas Legislature and their staff, with officials and staff of the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS), and with other organizations to protect and enhance retirement benefits for former State of Texas employees. 

Current priorities (in order of importance) include:

  1. Restoring the state pension fund to a status of actuarial soundness;
  2. Preserving insurance benefits program whose trademarks are wellness, cost-containment, and customer-friendly service;
  3. Ensuring that retiree issues and concerns are heard at the Legislature and ERS;
  4. Providing RSEA members with information about ERS and the Legislature 

RSEA Bylaws

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