87th Legislative Session, 2021 Final Bill Disposition

RSEA tracks bills affecting retirees.  These are the bills that affected ERS and our membership during the 87th Legislative Session.

Bill Number

Bill title and information (Italics provide brief description)

Effective Date

House Bill 170

Relating to coverage for mammography under certain health benefit plans.   


This law requires Group Benefits Program health plans to cover diagnostic mammograms at the same benefit level as screening mammograms.

Effective 9/1/19

House Bill 392

Relating to long-term care insurance for state employees.


This change in policy authorizes ERS to offer individual long-term care (LTC) insurance, in addition to group LTC insurance.

Effective 9/1/19

Senate Bill 1264

Relating to consumer protections against certain medical and health care billing by certain out-of-network providers.   


This law prohibits certain out-of-network facilities and providers from “balance billing” insurance plan participants for services provided in an emergency or at an in-network facility. Under current law, health plan members can pursue mediation through the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) when they are balance billed above a certain amount (currently $500). The new law will take the member out of the process. In a billing dispute, the out-of-network provider and/or health plan can request mediation/ arbitration with each other.

Effective 9/1/19

Senate Bill 2224

Relating to requiring a public retirement system to adopt a written funding policy.  


This law requires all public retirement systems in Texas to adopt a pension funding policy.

Effective 9/1/19





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