March’s Recipe: Smart on the Wallet, Delicious on the Palette: Crispy Garlic Chicken

AMBA knows that feeding your loved ones healthy and delicious meals is a daily priority. But they needn’t be costly! Easy weeknight meals on a budget  are  possible. Once again, AMBA is back with a great, nutritious dinner recipe that...

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The Way to (the Health of) Your Heart Is Through the Eyes

Maintaining healthy vision is important. That’s why AMBA offers a Vision Plan that provides comprehensive coverage at a reasonable rate. AMBA also wants you to better understand the importance of your eyes concerning your overall health. For...

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AMBA's Commitment to Our 400+ Associations is 100%

Whether or not you know the AMBA name, you’re already very familiar with how we help you and your association. AMBA plays an important role in your life already. AMBA has been helping association members like yours for over 65 years. AMBA...

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How to Keep Your Tooth Enamel STRONG!

Protecting the First Line of Defense Against Tooth Decay Maintaining your dental health as you age can be challenging. That's why AMBA provides comprehensive coverage at a reasonable rate and important tips on keeping your teeth and gums...

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